Title of the project:Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening for Logistics Monitoring and Evaluation Database Development in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Viet Nam
Priority Area / Sector:Human Resources Development
Implementing Agency:General Department of Logistics, Ministry of Public Works and Transport
Objective(s):Developing logistics monitoring and evaluating framework and creating logistics database of Cambodia, Lao PDR, Viet Nam (CLV countries) for analyzing logistics improvement or development in the respective countries.
Key Achievements / Milestones:
  1. Developed Training Module for Statistics Management and Course in Logistics Sector and reviewed relevant national and international paper for the Training Module
  2. Developed training materials and handout of Logistic Statistical Management Skill and Knowledge
  3. Gathered data related to logistics sector
  4. Conducted training and workshop on Logistic Statistical Management Skill and Knowledge
  5. Conducted capacity assessment in the logistics sector
  6. Developed training materials of logistics M&E system
  7. Developed workshop of M&E Framework and Tools in Logistics sector
  8. Completed training for capacity building in Korea through a TCP project from RoK (ODA) regarding Cambodia-Viet Nam border improvement
BeneficiaryCambodia, Lao PDR, Viet Nam
Contact PersonMs. Sorn Sopheavatey, Email: [email protected]


Title of the project:Development of Regional Cooperation Project Monitoring Data Center
Priority Area / Sector:Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Implementing Agency:Department of International Cooperation (DIC), Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI)
Objective(s):To effectively monitor and evaluate regional cooperation project implementation among member countries, where lesson learnt can be shared and exchanged through a common platform of database
Key Achievements / Milestones:
  1. Completed setting up the project implementation committee from DIC-MPI (Deputy Minister of MPI as Chairman of the Committee)
  2. Completed the hiring the Project Implementors (Project Team Leader and Project Administrative-Finance)
  3. Completed the inception workshop for the project
  4. Completed the IT Assessment and Design in order to develop the IT program in recording the regional cooperation projects
  5. Completed the IT development testing system for informing the regional cooperation projects as reference for effective allocation of ODA
RegionalityCambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Viet Nam and Thailand
Contact PersonMr. Vanhpheng Sengmanothong, Email: [email protected]
Mr. Phouthasack Souvannasao, Email: [email protected]


Title of the project:Demonstration of Model Community Forests to Promote Community Forestry Development and Improve Livelihood of Local Community
Priority Area / Sector:Agricultural and Rural Development
Project Implementation Agency:Forest Department Headquarter, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservations
Objective(s):Promotion of Community Forestry (CF) Development and Participatory Forest Management in Forest Conservation and Poverty Reduction with focuses on the capacity building to the communities, establishment of community forests based on different thematic areas such as Agroforestry, collection of non-timber forest products (NTFP) and community-based tourism
Key Achievements / Milestones:Developed of three model of Community Forest (CF) in different thematic areas and improved forest restoration in CF through Development of Community Forests in 3 sites and forest restoration.
Improved capacity of CF Users and Local Forest Department Staffs for CF and Community Forest Enterprise (CFE) Development through capacity development programs / training on:
CF and CFE development,
Forest inventory and forest resource management in 3 CFs area,
Market analysis and development, Agroforestry development,
Tourism development in tourism-based CF area,
Farmer exchange visit,
Knowledge sharing and lesson learnt workshops,
Development of Enterprise Development Plans / Business Plan in 3 CFs area
Contact Person:Mr. Sein Moe, Assistant Director
Email: [email protected] and [email protected]


Title of the project:Strengthen the Water User Organization (WUOs) for Irrigated Agriculture Development in the Mekong Delta
Priority Area / Sector:Agricultural and Rural Development
Project Implementation Agency:Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
Objective(s):To create opportunity for local WUOs participantion in water management and agriculture extension; and to provide recommendations for suitable modalities of the WUOs in the Mekong Delta to the government at both national and regional levels.
Key Achievements / Milestones:The project inception workshop has been conducted in April 2023.

Project Outputs
  1. Assessment of capability and status of WUOs in agriculture in Mekong River Delta and part of the Cambodia Mekong Delta
  2. Capacity building for WUOs in agriculture in Mekong River Delta and part of the Cambodian Mekong Delta
  3. Workshops, forum, consultations to exchange views and experiences in water management, agriculture extension and evaluation of WUOs functions in agricultural system
  4. Drafted capacity building proposal for Water User Organizations (WUOs)
Beneficiary:Viet Nam
Contact Person:Mr. Nguyen Xuan Tung
Email: [email protected]


Title of the project:Capacity Building on Circular Economy, Resource and Energy Efficiency for Productivity and Sustainability of Cassava Chain to High Value Products: Cassava Root, Native Starch and Biogas in Mekong Countries
Priority Area / Sector:Environment
Project Implementation Agency:Excellent Center of Waste Utilization and Management (Eco Waste)
National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC)
National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA)
  1. To strengthen and sustain the development of the CLMVT region’s cassava industry by knowledge and technology transfer as well as promote cooperation between research and industrial work at several levels.
  2. To strengthen the skills and mobility of the participants through an exchange of knowledge and experience via training courses between CLMVT in matters relating to the cassava value chain, i.e., cassava root, native starch, and biogas
Key Achievements / Milestones:
  1. Established cassava knowledge and technology hub for disseminating and supporting the technology transfer through web platform and its social media
  2. Developed manual and toolkit for knowledge and technology transfer i.e. training curriculum and manual
  3. Documented project lesson learnt and gap analysis among the countries of the project beneficiaries
  4. Enhanced networking among the actors in the cassava value chain in Mekong countries
  5. Organized three (03) training courses for industry player, public officials and academia from Mekong countries with the following modules: (i) Cassava Cultivation: Techniques for Sustainable Production, (ii) Cassava Starch Processing Technology, (iii) cassava Waste: Biogas and Waste Management
  6. Developed online training platform and its knowledge management system for training participants to access the training materials i.e. video clip, PPTs, Manual, and other training relevant documents
Beneficiary:Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Viet Nam
Contact PersonKanchana Saengchan, Ph.D.
Email: [email protected]


Title of the project:Water Data Utilization and Capacity Building in the Mekong Region
Priority Area / Sector:Environment
Project Implementation Agency:K-water Research Institute
Objective(s):To develop and provide a satellite-based disaster analysis capability that produces and utilizes hydrological data to mitigate the water-related disasters such as floods and drought, and build capacity on water data utilization in the Mekong region.
Key Achievements / Milestones:The project is a triangular partnership with US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
Completed hydraulic/hydrologic analysis in the Mekong region
Developed satellite-based water resources information to develop water-related disaster monitoring system
Completed five training and four seminars with participants from Mekong countries on the topics: (i) Water data and satellite image processing, (ii) Satellite data and hydraulic/hydrological model practices, and (iii) Water management data utilization and policy/system in ROK and US
Beneficiary:Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Viet Nam and Thailand
Contact Person:Younghyun Cho, Ph.D
K-water Research Institute
Korea-Mekong Water Management Collaboration Research Center (KMRC)
Email: [email protected]


Title of the project: Sustainable Smart Tourism Development in the Mekong Region
Priority Area / Sector: Culture and Tourism
Project Implementation Agency: Mekong Institute
Status: On going
Objective(s): To introduce smart tourism and sharing economy concept based on more innovative and efficient use of endogenous cultural and natural resources and existing human capital
Key Achievements / Milestones:
  1. Developed tourism contents and published on online e-platforms through Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Blog at:
  2. Conducted regional workshop on Sustainable and
    Smart tourism in the Post-Pandemic on November
    16th-20th, 2020 online. The workshop was attended
    by 22 participants from selected locations in
    Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Viet Nam and
    Thailand representing national tourism authority, provincial tourism authority, local travel and tour operators, training and academic institutions related
    to travel and tourism.

  3. Developed contents development for mobile
    application system related to sustainable tourism development
    in 5 Mekong countries. The contents
    will be input in the Mobile Application system to
    respond to the needs
    of the tourism stakeholders.

  4. Designed and development mpbile application system (ongoing, completed by May 2023). An interactive
    mobile application system platform and its business model with application softare compatible on smartphones to allow the target stakeholders in the Mekong countries namely Luang Prabang (Lao PDR), Bagan (Myanmar), Siem Reap (Cambodia), Ayutthaya (Thailand) and Hue (Viet Nam) to inputs information.

  5. Completed Training on Designing and Buiding Digital Interactive Infrastructure to build capacities of young entrepreneurs, fresh graduates, as well as undergraduate, mater’s, or doctoral students from CLMVT for the development/enhancement of sustainable and smart tourism in the Mekong region.

  6. Completed Roadshows in CLMTV countries to improve the knowledge and understanding of stakeholders in the tourism industry on the opportunities and practices associated with sustainable and smart tourism in five selected UNESCO heritage sites in Mekong Countries. These are Ayutthaya in Thailand, Siem Reap in Cambodia, Luang Prabang in Lao PDR, Hue in Viet Nam, and Bagan in Myanmar.

  7. Developed curriculum and completed training on “Smart Sustainable Tourism and Business Outreach”

  8. Completed e-Mentoring to build capacitites of young entrepreneurs, fresh graduates, as well as undergraduate, mater’s, or doctoral students from CLMVT for the development/ enhancement of sustainable and smart tourism in the Mekong region by:
    • Enhancing their access to information and knowledge base of the participants of the training on concept, models, modes of delivery, issues and best practices of sustainable and smart tourism;
    • Encouraging the utilization of online platforms to maximize post-pandemic tourism opportunities;
    • Honing their skills in the design and implementation of business market plans to create opportunities and foster deeper linkages between the Republic of Korea and Mekong countries.
Regionality: Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Viet Nam, Thailand and Republic of Korea
Contact Person: Ms. Lal Fakmawi
Email: [email protected]
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