Overall, I am satisfied and I feel very lucky to be selected to join the program. Because I’m also a trainor, one of the things I learned from MI that I can apply in my trainings is asking a trainee to think of an activity that will motivate others to join. The other one that I learned so much from the session is on market information. As an exporter, we should choose or target a country before we try to export to that country.  

I think the training program is well constructed, especially the follow-up training on how to adopt what we have learned from the training. I have to say also that I think MI facilities are way better than the other places that we’ve stayed at in Bangkok or Khon Kaen. The people here are really supportive and friendly.  

In addition to the training, I also gained so much benefit from the Investor Forum. I expanded my network to Lao, Myanmar, Cambodia and other business people. It really broadened my knowledge on export business.  

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