I have an MBA so I have some theoretical background, but there are a lot of challenges especially as a woman entrepreneur because we need a lot of market information and competition is very high. We need more know-how and more mentorship. Because of this MI training on women entrepreneurship, I have a chance to meet women entrepreneurs in CLMV, and we shared our experience not only on the theoretical but also practical knowledge. We try to build partnerships with each other, so this is very useful for us.  

The subjects are very practical for us to apply in our business. One of the most important is business planning. Normally as an entrepreneur, we try to catch an opportunity as soon as we see it; we never make the plan. In this training, we learned that before we make any action, we need to plan everything, scan the environment, analyse the market data, calculate the financials. Another important lesson is marketing. We had a chance to practice on the Alibaba platform.  

The curriculum and the resource persons are very good, very practical, and we learned many things. The facilities in MI are also quite good, and the staff well-trained.  

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