On behalf of Royal University of Agriculture (RUA) team Cambodia, I am honor to say thank you very much for your valuable time to share us your knowledge in the training series; and also overview of regional development in Germany, but also the context of Laos, Thailand and Cambodia. On sum of these, you also played a very important to facilitate in the training period. 

Once again, I am pleasured to say I have been gaining a new knowledge relevant to rural and regional management concept, which could be applied to my institution but also Cambodia as well. Hence, I do really enjoy my staying in MI; we got very good food and staying in a very good room. Indeed, I am pleasant to get warmly service from all program facilitators of MI. Therefore, I am very proud and have a pride to see all of you. Especially, this participation assists me to have a lot of happiness, and enjoyable for a whole week. 

Hopefully, there will be something more interesting in the next two phases. 

Many thanks for your supports and cooperation. 

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