I am very grateful to Mekong Institute, GIZ and the Federal Republic of Germany who have provided me a great opportunity to take part in the Training Series on LRED. Also, I would like to be thankful to MIs warm welcome and memorable reception during the training course. For the reflection to this course, I reported the main concepts of RRD and their key functions to my director and shared documents and the remarkable contentment and enjoyment from MI to my colleagues. The enjoyable working group and noticeably enlightened techniques from Dr. Georg Bokeloh are perceptual and outstanding. Honestly, I have improved and experienced a lot from the training course not only the concepts and key view points of RRD but also the training materials, group working and networking. 

Hopefully, I expect that the second phase is going to express more detail in methods and instruments used in Local Economic Development and Regional Management.
Please keep networking. 

Once again, I would like to express thanks to your reliable and considerate efforts, nice collaboration and supports. 

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