Before I came here, I expected that I would learn about the success of microfinance in Thailand because in Malaysia when you go to store you will see 50% of the products are made in Thailand. I wanted to know how Thailand did that since it was not easy to reach that achievement. Besides that, you have more than 10 countries to be trained together, to share experiences with different attitudes, different backgrounds. I learned a lot and gained more knowledge from the resource persons. The training certainly met my expectations. 

In the field visit, I learned a lot about how people survive the microfinance and how people in rural areas living under poverty and paying the loan on time. It was good to hear from them and to know how they pay back their loan. I will definitely share the knowledge to my other business counselors in Malaysia. The field visit was the best part for me as well as the facilities. I also like the organizer because they were very creative and cooperative. 

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