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As part of the 3rd Modular Training on Certified Logistics Master program sponsored by the Mekong-Republic of Korea (ROK) Cooperation Fund, Mekong Institute (MI) organized a Synthesis & Evaluation Workshop at MI’s Annex Building in Khon Kaen, Thailand on October 3-4, 2016. 

The workshop aimed (i) to provide a platform for participants to present and share best practices and outcomes from their action plan implementation, and (ii) to evaluate the individual presentation, (iii) and to provide necessary suggestions for further improvement of the logistic curriculum. 

Twenty-two participants from the CLMVT countries attended the workshop, and each participant presented outcomes of action plan implementation and what they have learned via PPT and poster. The Technical Working Group provided the final assessment to each participant based on the indicators set by the MI’s Logistics Expert. Those who obtained 60% out of 400 points were recognized as Certified Logistics Masters. In total, 20 ‘Certified Logistics Masters’ were awarded. 

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