The Mekong Institute was commissioned by the North Western Provincial Council, The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, to organize a two-week structured learning visit program on Good Governance Initiatives in Thailand from 25th April to 6th May 2011. The participants were eight Sri Lankan government officials from the North Western Province. The aim was to present good governance as a change process that has to be managed. Hence, issues and approaches leading to the implementation and sustainability of good governance were covered. On-going good governance initiatives in Thailand, and how these are translated into policies and practices were recommended. 

The Structured Learning Visit was launched on 25th April 2011. Dr. Suchat Katima, MI Director welcomed the participants and formally opened the program. Thereupon, Dr. Thanawuti Kongpricha, a Senior Consultant of Present Business Consultant Co., Ltd, conducted a session on the principles and experience of good governance in Thailand. Knowledge and experience on good governance as well as current status of good governance initiatives in Sri Lanka and Thailand were exchanged during the session. 

For excursion, participants visited various organizations in Bangkok, Khon Kaen and Udonthani Province to broaden their perspective on good governance, and to sift for best practice learned during the entire visit for further application of appropriate principles. 

On April 27th, participants visited the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). The participants were welcomed by Dr. Hiran Radeesri, Chairman of Corporate Governance Committee and Mr. Yuth Vorachattanan, member of Corporate Governance Committee. Dr.Suraphan Thawornwong, Deputy Head of Good Governance Development & Alliance Department delivered a presentation on a good governance development at the SET. 

In the afternoon, the participants visited the Institute for Good Governance Promotion (IGP), a service delivery unit which promotes and develops capabilities of public sector employees in Thailand. Dr.Chaiya Yimwilai, IGP Director and Ms. Wimonwan Milindhachinda, Deputy Director welcomed the participants. During this visit, background of good governance in Thailand and the IGP was presented by Dr.Chariya. 

On April 28th, the participants visited The Royal Chitralada Projects where participants had shown their interests and appreciation on the experimental projects concerning the philosophy of sufficiency economy of the present King of Thailand. 

Thereafter, the participants visited the Office of Public Sector Development Commission, Thailand (OPDC). Ms. Kittiya Khampee, Director of the Dissemination and Public Participation Group. Background of OPDC welcomed and presented on good governance in Thailand and Public Sector Reform in Thailand to participants. 

On May 1st, the participants visited the College of Local Administration (COLA), Khon Kaen University. Dr. Peerasit Kamnuansilpa, Dean of COLA delivered a presentation on good governance initiatives in Thailand and roles of COLA. One of the important roles of COLA is to inculcate good values and practice of good governance through in-class teaching and direct experiential learning from distinguished samples of good governance. 

On May 3rd, the participants visited the Ban-Na-Pu Sub-District Administrative Organization (SAO). On this occasion, Mr. Amnuay Intharathirat, Chief Executive of SAO welcomed and presented various projects of the SAO to participants. 

At the end of the Structured Learning Visit, the participants presented their reflections on this visit and developed individual action plans for their respective work responsibilities. On the last day, the participants expressed their gratitude to the MI Director and MI staffs through a song they specially composed called Song of Appreciation. The song was performed for all MI staffs on the final morning of their visit to MI. 

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