Written by Mekong Institute  

The recent Synthesis and Evaluation Workshop on SME Cluster Development and Export Consortia Formation in CLMV conducted on 15-16 October 2013 in Phnom Penh – is part of the three-year project on “Capacity Building for the Integration of CLMV Economies into ASEAN Economic Community” from 2012-2014, funded by New Zealand Aid Programme (NZAP).  

Fourteen participants, who are the MI-alumni from CLMV countries participating at the TOT training program on SME cluster development and export consortia at the Mekong Institute in May 2013, attended at this S&E workshop to reflect and learn from each other on the action plan implementation, and to share best practices, experiences, and outcomes of the implementation.

Participants of this workshop included (i) leaders of the CLMV national workshops who provided training and assisted the SMEs in their countries to develop SME clusters and export consortia including, mango and organic vegetable clusters (Cambodia), organic rice cluster (Lao PDR), macadamia cluster (Myanmar), and Van Phuck silk and Dongha silk clusters (Vietnam).

The workshop gave participants an open platform to share their action plan implementation experiences and discuss the progress, challenges, and hurdles faced during the formation, promotion and their into regional and global value chains.

Discussion on best practices and challenges in implementing the action plans allowed both the MI team and fellow participants to evaluate the learning process experienced by their peers. Feedback received during these sessions will be used to improve similar programs and workshops of MI in the future.

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