Written by Mekong Institute
Day 1: Keynote Address and Setting the Context (Opening Remarks, Participant Familiarization, Exploring Expectation and Program Overview)

Day 2: Visit Pro-poor Product Research Development Projects and Five-star SME OTOP at Royal Chitralada Projects and Aran-yik Knife Community

Day 3: Visit Micro-finance at BAAC, OTOP Community by Sai Noi Womens Group and Local Learning Center on Sufficiency Economy by Ban Hae Community

Day 4: Presentations of Reflection to the Visits, Synthesis and Learning Evaluation and Return to Home Countries

Over the four days of the program the MI program facilitators completely facilitated the learning visits. The participants disclosed their feedback that the structure learning visit design in terms of knowledge gained, relevance and applicability to the job and meeting expectation were mostly attained(a total rating average 3.68%).

The participants evaluated that program service was very satisfied(a total rating average 4.55) in terms of material providing, time management and other logistic arrangement during the exposure visits. With regard to overall satisfaction, a total rating average 4.55 stated that program service was very satisfied. Based on the participants feedback, this report concluded that the SLV on Area-based Development, Community Agribusiness, OTOP and SME Development was successful.  

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