Written by Mekong Institute

Section 1

  • Overview of MIRAC Round Table Meeting
  • Round Table Meeting Objectives/ Description of program agenda/ MIRAC Role in GMS research initatves 2

Section 2

  • Community-based Tourism and Rubber Plantation in the GMS

Section 3

  • GMS Border Trade Facilitations
  • Invited Paper Presentation on Trade Status and Border Trade Facilitation in the GMS

Section 4

  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Invited paper presentation on Foreign Direct Investment Opportunities/ Challenges and Trends in the GMS Countries

Section 5

  • Synthesis of the first day meeting

Section 6

  • SMEs Development and Management in the GMS

Section 7

  • Labor Migraton Status in Garment Industry in Cambodia
  • MIRAC Reserch Paper Presentation
  • Potentials of Garment Sector Investment of Rural Area in Improving Socio-Economic Condtions of Migrants in kandal Province, Cambodia.

Section 8

  • HIV/ AIDS Prevention and care in the GMS
  • Invited Paper Presentation on
  • HIV/ AIDS Status in the GMS: Special Focus on Yunnan, China

Section 9

  • Regional cooperation
  • Invited Paper Presentation on
  • Supposing Conception of Developing the Upper Mekong Economic Copperation (UMC): A New Idea to the GMS Cooperation Systems

Section 10

  • Synthesis of the round Table meeting

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