Regional Training Program on Preservation and Packaging for Safer Food

November 28, - December9, 2022 | Khon Kaen, Thailand

A 10-day training program aimed at strengthening the knowledge and understanding on the selection of food preservation, packaging and application of food labeling approaches for safe and quality food and to promote application of best practices in enhancing safety, quality, market access and profitability of food products and minimize loss in the food value chain.

Representatives of the private sector from Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and VietNam (CLMV). It is also useful to the private sector in the fresh produce sector aiming to minimize food loss and cross contamination. Food regulators and researchers from institutes of higher learning are also invited to attend the training to build their capacity to support the private sector in the choice of food preservation and packaging for safe and quality food products.

Upcoming training

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