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GMS-focused research and regional/sub-regional studies are critical to the sustainable development and cooperation among the GMS countries. Under he supervsion and guidance of MI Research Advisory Comittee, MI carries out field research and case studies on emerging and contentious issues under the four MI thematic areas. To ensure that the research and case studies are carried out professionally, MI conducts Regional Research Development and Reseach Methodology training for yougn GMS researchers/professionals as part of its capacity-building strategy for GMS researchers. The Regional Researc Development and Methodology Training Course was held frm 25 May to 12 June 2009. Each research team is expected to implement these researces upon return to their respective countries.

This midterm training is a follow-up on the progress of research implementation. All research teams are expected to have completed administering the survey and had their data sets ready in SPSS format as the focus of the midterm training is on data processing and analysis.

The 2 week training course was held at MI. The course activities included presentations from resource person, class discussions, and group work/assignments. Presentation skills of participants were also enhanced to present before their peers. All the training activities were geared towards preparing the participants for the Research Roundtable Meeting in March 2011.

This report conveys the process of the training course, the evaluaton from participants resource persons, the lessons learned from the training course, and some recommendation for improvement in terms of program design, organization and management. The report is divided into 8 sections as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. Training Goals and Spcific Objectives
  3. Course Participants
  4. Course Activities
  5. Course Evaluation
  6. Lessons learned
  7. Conclusion
  8. Recommendation

The program schedule, directory of participants and resource persons and MI staff included in the appendix.

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