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The ASEAN Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and priorities of CLMV countries are the subjects of discussion at the Regional Forum on Implementation of ASEAN-GAP in CLMV on November 3-4, 2015 in Khon Kaen, Thailand. The forum was organized by the Mekong Institute with support from New Zealand Aid Programme. 

More than thirty participants, including government officials from CLMV countries, representatives of private sector, and stakeholders convened for a two-day forum on how to better understand the current status of the GAP program in CLMV countries and to develop the national strategic plan of action for promoting GAP for the next five years. They also shared the lessons learned in country implementation of ASEAN-GAP. 

Ms. Maria Theresa S. Medialdia, Manager of the Rural Development Department, opened the forum by highlighting GAP in a different capacity. The forum served as a platform for networking and information exchange among GAP experts and practitioners in the region. She stressed that the forum, aside from providing better understanding on the national GAP program, aims to assist the CLMV governments to better understand the technical requirements for implementation in their respective countries. 

During the breakout session, various experts also provided insights, suggestions, and recommendations for the CLMV governments. The challenges, constraints, opportunities, and priority needs in promoting GAP in each country were also addressed.

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