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Phnom Penh, September 14 – Mapping the steps forward, food safety stakeholders across Cambodia congregated in Phnom Penh for the PROSAFE Knowledge-Sharing Event, where sector-wise discussions highlighted the need to develop implementation plans that will support the country’s newly promulgated Food Safety Law. The activity was attended by 52 PROSAFE alumni from the government, private sector, and academia, representing the broad-based commitment required to guarantee food safety across all sectors of the agrifood value chain.

Dr. Vannda Kab, Food Safety Technical Officer of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Cambodia, graced the event with a keynote address that provided valuable context and guided the ensuing discussions. He underlined the importance of collaborative effort in achieving food safety with emphasis on the WHO Global Strategy for Food Safety 2022-2030.

The participants explored future perspectives on building a food safety culture in Cambodia through an interactive workshop. The full-day event also shed light on the PROSAFE’s key milestones and offered a platform for participants to share best practices, reflect on lessons learned, and recognize the invaluable contributions of the project’s alumni to its achievements.

In her opening remarks, Ms. Maria Theresa S. Medialdia, Director of the Agricultural Development and Commercialization Department of MI, commended the commitment of PROSAFE alumni in collaborating and making significant steps towards improving safety and standards in the food industry through action plan implementation.

“Your dedication to implementing your respective action plans and supporting your fellow citizens has been truly remarkable. We have witnessed how you, our local partners, work persistently to enhance safety measures, comply with standards, enhance regulations and curricula, and increase public awareness on safe food,” said Ms. Medialdia.

On behalf of the participants, H.E. Mr. Dim Theng, Deputy Director General of the Consumer Protection, Competition, and Fraud Repression (CCF) of the Ministry of Commerce and the PROSAFE Focal Point in Cambodia, extended his appreciation to MI and the New Zealand Aid Programme (NZAP) for helping build the capacity of relevant actors on food safety through PROSAFE.

The Knowledge-Sharing Event stood as a critical juncture, bridging the achieved milestones and future strategies for food safety. It not only fostered a conducive environment for knowledge sharing but also charted and fastened necessary future actions to ensure that every Cambodian has access to safe, healthy food.

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