Promotion of Crop Insurance in ASEAN through the Public and Private Partnership

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Promotion of Crop Insurance in ASEAN through the Public and Private Partnership


The Vision and Strategic Plan for ASEAN Cooperation in Food, Agriculture, and Forestry (2016-2025) highlights the goal of building a resilient and sustainable agriculture sector. To address challenges posed by climate change and natural disasters in the crop sector of ASEAN, crop insurance is recognized as a crucial risk management tool. Despite the acknowledged importance of crop insurance by ASEAN Member States (AMS), there are common regional challenges in its development and implementation. In collaboration with Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF), the Mekong Institute, and Sanyu Consultants Inc. of Japan, the project titled “Promotion of Crop Insurance in ASEAN through Public and Private Partnership” seeks to enhance knowledge, enabling conditions, and policy frameworks to promote regional collaboration on crop insurance. The project includes capacity development measures for stakeholders to establish and strengthen national crop insurance programs, providing coaching to countries with early experience in crop insurance development. Additionally, it aims to create a platform for knowledge exchange, discussion, and identification of interests and priorities, fostering sustained regional collaboration in crop insurance development.

In 2024, the project will conduct several key activities, including a project kick-off workshop, a Crop Insurance Products Development Workshop, and a Crop Insurance Development and Planning Capacity Building/Coaching Workshop. The Wrap-up working session is scheduled for 2025.


  • ASEAN Member States (AMS)


  1. Enhanced utilization of crop insurance products, information and knowledge to better appreciate the importance of crop insurance in managing crop production risks.
  2. Strengthened regional cooperation for cost-effective crop insurance development/ improvement.
  3. Strengthened public-private partnership in crop insurance development and implementation in ASEAN member states.


The ASEAN Member States are more climate-resilient as they are better equipped with science-based knowledge and enabling conditions to promote and strengthen regional cooperation for cost-effective crop insurance development/ or improvement and implementation through constructive public and private partnership to contribute to ASEAN goals of sustainable agri-food systems.


  1. Dec 12, 2023 : Inception meeting
  2. Jan 29, 2024: Stakeholder meeting in Thailand
  3. Feb 27, 2024: Kick-off meeting
  4. Draft stocking


Output 1: Regional Knowledge and Cooperation Platform(s) on Crop Insurance are developed with the participation of public and private sectors 

Online and/or Off-line platform(s) to create enabling environment for the constructive discussion and exchange of knowledge as well as enabling conditions to support continued crop insurance development and improvement, and implementation in ASEAN through PPP collaboration. AMS can also use this platform to discuss for possibility to expand promotion of crop to agriculture insurance in the future.

Main Activities:

Conduct four (4) Regional Technical Workshops on crop insurance and other related topics for knowledge exchange.  Potential themes/topics to be presented and discussed in the workshop include:

  • Output 1.1: Project kick-off workshop and Technical workshop to identify the gaps, issues and limitations/challenges/threats on crop/agriculture insurance operation in the national and regional levels, showcase the study on technical topics of common interest of AMS on crop insurance in order to formulate solutions. (Indicator 1)
  • Output 1.2: Workshop that will help equip AMS in their planned insurance operation and/or assist them in the development of new insurance products and related technologies, among others. (Indicator 1)
  • Output 1.3: Capacity-building workshop to enhance capacity of countries with early experience on crop insurance. (Indicator 1)
  • Output 1.4: The knowledge products on crop insurance is accessible to general audiences who are interested in the topics. The knowledge products can be stored at one of the available AMS suitable online platforms or ASEC’s and need to be well maintained. The details of the platforms will be discussed with the WG during the implementation.  This activity is to further promote the use of coordination mechanism/platform, which AMS can altogether join. (Indicator 2)
  • Output 1.5: Wrap –up workshop and workshop to identify possible areas of regional cooperation and related strategies and activities, match the needs of each AMS and/or cluster of AMS to shape potential future regional collaboration on crop/agriculture insurance in ASEAN. (Indicator 1)

Output 2: Knowledge products are developed to support ASEAN Member States (AMS) in enhancing capacity and knowledge on crop/agriculture insurance.

Taking from the previous crop insurance implementation experience, possibly through the 10 Phases in Developing a National Crop Insurance Program, AMS should better understand the challenges and provide suggestions and lessons learned to the stock-taking report and disseminate the experience.  Study on technical topics of common interest of AMS will further provide guidance to AMS how to improve experience in crop insurance implementation.


  • Implementing Agencies: Sanyu Consultants Inc., Japan (SCI) and MI
  • Proponent: Department of Agriculture (DOA) Thailand
  • Development Partner: GIZ


  • October 2023-April 2025 (19 months)

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