Written by Mekong Institute

This report evaluates learning programs in the MI Professional Development Series 205/206: “Leadership for Public Sector Reform” held during 6-31 March 2006. MI designed, developed and delivered this course based on priority learning needs of GMS government agencies.  

Fourteen government officials from the five GMS countries attended the course. Participants come from a mix of junior, middle and senior level positions from a wide variety of ministries and agencies of which female and male participants took part in an equal manner. Of all the participants, 21% are women and all fourteen successfully completed their learning programs.

Thirteen resource persons facilitated the learning sessions, guest presentations and field research visits over the four weeks of the learning programs. Participants confirmed that the resource persons are qualified, experienced people who were able to explain difficult content in clear and simple terms. Overall, participants felt resource persons were good or excellent and attained their teaching objectives.

Curriculum was divided into topics under the four stages of the change process. According to the MI questionnaires and country-group discussions, participants felt that all course content was overall quite good. Program activities included a wide range of learning and social activities. Participants felt that the main learning activities, including lectures, class discussions, presentations and group work were also good. Participants especially enjoyed field research visits and study tours and consistently commented that these must be increased. They further felt that the social activities were very good. Participants found MI to be a clean, well-run facility with dedicated, friendly staffs and very good IT and library services.

Most participants found the duration of the program is about the right length. Outcomes of the programs include knowledge and skills gained for professional development. Participants further developed professional skills, such as presentation, Internet research, and using English in the international setting. Participantsfelt they attained the new knowledge and professional skills presented in the curriculum.

This report concludes, based on the above feedback, that the learning programs were successful. Finally, recommendations for future program improvement are provided in Section 5 of this report.

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