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To support the promotion and development of Cambodia’s Guidelines and Certification for Green Building (CamGCGB), the Ministry of Environment and the National Council for Sustainable Development organized a 4-day hybrid training workshop for relevant national government officials, private sector, construction associations, and academia on May 4-5 (online) and 17-18 (in-person) 2022. A total of 35 participants have gained knowledge on the comprehensive overview of CamGCGB.

The training program is a part of the project titled “Guidelines and Certification for Green Buildings in Cambodia”, funded by the Mekong-Republic of Korea Cooperation Fund (MKCF) and in cooperation with the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology (KICT), through the fund coordination and management of the Mekong Institute (MI). Mr. Robby Rosandi, Project Manager of MKCF as the representative of MI attended the event.

Mr. Rosandi emphasized the issues of increasing pressure on the environment and climate change due to the increasing energy consumption and population growth related to building and construction sectors, which requires shifting from the conventional practice of building design and business as usual in resource consumption to an environmentally sustainable way.  

the integration of green building concepts into Cambodia's construction sector through public awareness-raising will support Cambodia in accelerating the achievement of its goal of low-emissions development and promote resource efficiency through behaviours changes in minimizing water and energy consumption in buildings.

In her opening remarks, H.E Ngin Lina, Deputy Director-General of the General Directorate of Policy and Strategy, Ministry of Environment (MOE), highlighted the critical objectives of the training program, which is “to motivate invited practitioners and institutional representatives to engage more in green building in the future.” Through this professional training program, she later added, “the practitioner will be able to improve technical know-how related to and gain fundamental knowledge of sustainability, green building certification systems in the market, an overview of green building, CamGCGB criteria and schemes for new building and building in-use, and certification process to be shared by the various key speakers and experts.”

In addition, with the participation of relevant sectors, H.E. Ngin Lina was optimistic that the involvement of all stakeholders in training will help ensure the continuous practice of this important and meaningful initiative. 

Green building market is expected to grow gradually, accompanied by the creation of green jobs, which will become a major requirement for real estate developers and green financing projects. In this regard, CamGCGB will be a national green building system to ensure the local market is ready for this competition. Sufficient and skilful local human resources and experts are needed in the field of construction and green buildings and supporting the Royal Government of Cambodia in improving the environmental quality, improving the efficient use of resources consumption, and improving the well-being of the people.

After successful completion of the 4-day training workshop, H.E Vann Monyneath, Director-General of the General Directorate of Policy and Strategy, Ministry of Environment provided a closing remark and awarded certificates to participants. 

I have an optimistic idea for this training that contributes to improved knowledge and skills in green buildings especially the understanding on the implementation of green building assessment based on the CamGCGB

this training will yield a fruitful future toward the sustainable built environment from our growing construction that integrates environmental sustainability, create a new market of the construction sector and contribute to the environmental impact reduction as a Royal Government of Cambodia’s pledge to cut greenhouse gas emissions, climate change responses, improved health of people and meeting the Cambodia’s SDGs.

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