Based on the concept and philosophy of IWRM, my mindset and the way of my thinking have been shaped to be dynamic and systematic thoughtby applying interdisciplinary and holistic approach. During the discussion, my idea, comments and concerns are always inclusive of interdisciplinary holistic and practical thought that is why I am able to convince my team as well as senior staff and international consultants. Also, this kind of thought, I don’t just apply at my working place, but I have applied it to my daily life and my life has been shaped nicely to realize my dream. This kind of thought helps to avoid any adverse effects, it is practical and it can solve the complex issue successfully for a long-term perspective. 

All these knowledge, skills, teamwork, time management, good morality and mindset are very precious things that have shaped my professional career and life to be more active, professional and responsible; and it contributes to make better changes and toward sustainability and harmonious human-nature societies. 

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