The current MI Strategic Plan will be completed in 2010. MI has undergone major changes in the last five years, capped by its transformation from a development assistance program into a GMS-based Inter-Governmental Organization. A new Strategic Plan will be drawn up for the period 2011-2015, bringing to fore the first chapter of a new MI. 

With the mandate of the MI Council, the MI Strategic Planning Team conducted national consultations in each GMS country in February-March 2010 to widen the span of inputs from various development players in the sub-region. The consultation process employed individual interviews and group meetings with government agencies, international development organizations, non-governmental organizations and business networks in member countries. 

A wide range of HRD issues and interventions on economic development, governance, public sector reform, trade and investment, rural development, and human migration were covered in the process. 

The consultations not only collected important feedback and suggestions for MI’s strategic direction in the next five years, it was also an opportunity to clarify the identity of MI and open possibilities for collaboration. 

A draft Strategic Plan incorporating comments from the consultations will be presented in the regional consultation on 12 July 2010 in Kunming, Yunnan Province, PR China.

Consultation with Union of Myanmar Chambers of Commerce & Industry, 16 February 2010. 

Consultative Meeting with Laos Stakeholders, 2 March 2010. 

Meeting with Mr. Gu Zhaoxi, Vice Governor of Yunnan Province and MI Council Chairman, on 8 March, 2010. 

Forum with Yunnan Women Federation, 9 March 2010. 

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