On behalf of Cambodian, Laos PDR, Myanmar, Thai, and Vietnam participants and on behalf of myself, we would like to say thank you to Dr. Suchat Katima, Director of Mekong Institute very much for teaching us on Integrated Water Resource Management training course at the Mekong River Commission Secretariat Office in Phnom Penh in the week 1, January 14-18, 2013 for Junior Riparian Professional Batch 8. We are very happy to listen your valuable presentation, explaination and interesting ideas that you gave us during the course. You are a very good and experience lecturer. 

This training course is very valuable for us because we could gain not only theories, but also the real daily situation that we are working in our national institutions and societies. During the course, Dr. Suchat tried to find exercises, case study including video and let us to explore your own ideas by doing country and mixed groups presentation which relating to the topic of your daily presentation on IWRM course and he always added more technical words when the group did not say. During the five days on IWRM course, we have done many presentations in the group but the most attracting for me is the first and the second presentation on The case study of Num Dam because this presentation could give me to think more if we are in the role of government, famers or NGO and how to identify, categorize and plan strategy of each stakeholders who are involve in the project. From module 1 to module 5 and handouts, I like them all but in module 4 The management tools on IWRM planning is the less interesting for me. 

Besides, Ms. Jutamas Thongcharoeun, Associate Programme Manager is also the best assistant during the IWRM course. She often assisted Dr. Suchat by arranging the class, gave instruction to the participants at the beginning and during of the course, stuck important definition and daily schedule on the wall, took photos and uploaded all subjects to Mekong Institute website. She was very friendly and best assistant. 

Moreover, all participants are very friendly and happy all the times because they can explore differently games in order to make a class with the most energizers during the afternoon time. They often take care from one to another when someone got sick. Say the true when Nong felt bad, she got many advices and medicines from her colleagues. Furthermore, they often help the class when his/her did not so clear in any subjects. We are very closed friend. 

I would like to thank Ms. Ton Nu Thi Thanh Yen, Programme Coordinator, Navigation Programme of Mekong River Commission who assigned me to participate in the Integrated Water Resource Management. 

I would like also to thank to Programme Coordinator of Integrated Capacity Building Programme of the MRC and Mekong Institute to organize the IWRM training course at MRC. 

I personally think that the IWRM course is very interesting and very fruitful for me even though I came from Navigation Programme. To be a staff of MRC we are not only know in our own field but also in many different subjects which relating to MRC training programme. 

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