“Mekong Institute (MI) made my stay comfortable and enjoyable like my home”

At the very beginning I must say my sincere thanks to TICA and express my pleasure that TICA gave me a chance to be one of participants in the training program ie Income generation and poverty reduction for development. This is an immense opportunity for me to say words of excellence about the training program held from 22nd February 2010 which continued till 20th March, 2010 at the glorious Mekong Institute. The Mekong Institute (MI), Khon Kaen University conducted the training program with enthusiastic team in incredible and exceptional way which will be remembered for longer time.   

During the training course, I had given a chance to learn variety of things and I want to share few important concepts and themes with the readers and my fellows which were the part of the training program like poverty, PRA its methods and tools as well as to know the mechanism and strategy how to carry out PRA at DONG BUNG VILLAGE and to understand concept of sufficiency economy, income generation, monitoring mechanism, mainstreaming gender in design and monitoring frame work, group discussions and work during the lectures and field visits. In addition to above, during the visit of BANGKOK, I witnessed many projects of income generation activates in the ROYAL CHITRALADA AGRICULTURAL PROJECTS like Bio-diesel , charcoal, rice mill , milk plant, wind energy, solar energy and cattle farming etc and alike at BANGASI ARTS AND CRAFT CENTRE resembling wood working, weaving and glass making etc.
In the same way, we visited other several places, villages and NGOs to be acquainted with the culture, Tourism, best practices, traditional diversity, experiences, and application of best practices and transforming the concept of sufficiency economy into realty for the sustainable livelihood of people of Thailand , including interventions and issues facing by them. So it was the effort of TICA and MI who gave us an occasion to know the culture and experiences of other countries by viewing each others country presentations focusing on income generation activities and poverty reduction efforts made by different countries considered a milestone for each of us to understand economic and social aspects through their country presentations.

Fields visits to various places organized by Ms. Jutamas and Mr. Nopparat are appreciated and tireless efforts of both became this program more enjoyable and result oriented. The services of front desk (reception) were also found excellent and the behavior of staff working at the reception could be memorized as they were polite, cooperative and responsible. Moreover the team reserved by MI for arranging our breakfast, lunches and tea arrangements was highly responsible and punctual and I remember them for longer time as they always provided enjoyable food in the kitchen.

I must say my appreciation towards the sincerity, devotion and dedicated efforts of Dr. Suchat Katima, Director MI, Ms Jutamas, Associate Program Manager and Mr. Nopparat Rattanaprathum (Nong), Program Facilitator to make the training program more victorious beyond my aspiration. Also Drivers, Guards were very cooperative and all were found committed and devoted to their job.

Besides, Ms Maria Theresa S. Medialdia of MI was also the part of team and contributed a lot and she time and again shared her experience with us. Last but not least how can I express my satisfaction towards the humble staff flourish my room and recreation spots like my home Finally Ms Jutamas gave a nice farewell party with Thai cultural show which was the result of outstanding efforts including significant role of MI management. I hope that one day MI will be a prosperous Institution in future for the world leaders and its my proud that I am the alumni of MI.

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