Written by Mekong Institute  

There arent many people outside of MI who fully understand the challenges we had
to overcome in order to develop this glossary handbook. This project has taken many shapes
and forms, and has been renamed countless times. But despite all of our struggles, we all
knew it had to be done.  

We knew that this book could contribute greatly and enhance the learning experience
of our participants. Knowing that we could make a difference was the core motivation to push
us forward and finally complete it.

I am telling you this, because this is no ordinary glossary. We didnt go so far just to
create an everyday book. As a matter of fact, this book you are holding is a glossary and
training manual all in one. Not only will you learn new terms from this book, but also learn
how to teach others the new terms youve learned through an already tried and tested lesson

So I urge you my dear readers to please use this book for what it was meant for: To
learn, teach others what youve learned, and expand what you have all learned together. For
this book was meant to be more than just a reference material, and with you as a user, the
potential can be limitless.

It has been a long road for all of us, and I personally still cant believe it is finally
finished. We all went so far to make this happen, but only those who go too far can truly
know how far they can go.

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