Songkran is a traditional festival celebrated once a year in Thailand. Laos and Burma (Thingyan) during April 13 to 15 to mark the new lunisolar year. They celebrate it by paying respect to the elders by sprinkling water to their hands and wishing them health and fortune. But the most common practice in Songkran is by throwing water. People carrying buckets, garden hose, and water gun would stand along the street to splash friends, family and any passerby that comes along.

Besides throwing water, the people celebrating Songkran often go to temples (Wat) to pray and give homage to the monks and Buddha by giving them food or soaking their bodies with water mixed with Thai fragrance. 

In the Mekong Institute (MI) the staff celebrated the festival by paying respect to the director, Suchat Katima. They assembled at the library and took turns sprinkling water on his hand and shooulder and wishing good fortune and to his blessings.

“I wish the MI staff Happy New Year. I know you’re all busy today but thank you for taking your time out to join this celebration. I hope we can be together in meeting the challenges that MI faces. I wish all of us a great year ahead. Sawasdee pee mai”

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