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On March 9, 2023, Mr. Suriyan Vichitlekarn, Executive Director of Mekong Institute (MI), attended a press conference to launch the Isan Creative Festival 2023, which will run from April 1–9, 2023. Themed “Regional (enlight) station,” the festival is aimedat promoting the potential of designers and creators throughout the Northeastern region and to improve the quality of life and society through creativity. Speaking to the distinguished guests and the media,

Mekong Institute is proud to collaborate with Thailand's Creative Economy Agency to organize the Isan Creative Festival 2023. As Thailand is emerging from the pandemic, the creative economy sector is recognized as a key driver for the country’s recovery. At MI, from the early onset of the pandemic, we have been facilitating a platform to share good practices and lessons learned on socio-economic recovery plans and measures among government officials and development practitioners.

On April 3, 2023, MI is thrilled to be holding a hybrid regional expert talk on

Promoting a Resilient Creative Economy through Cross-sectoral and Regional Collaboration', and would like to invite all festival-goers and anyone interested to join the discussion, which will provide examples and cases of how creative workers from different creative industries survived during the crisis and discuss future collaboration.

Zooming in on the Northeastern region’s unique identity and character and exploring its rich heritage, the festival’s line-up of activities corresponds to three outstanding creative industries in the region: 1. Isan Entertainment, 2. Isan Gastronomy, and 3. Isan Craft & Design.

For more details on the Expert Talk, contact: Email: [email protected]

For more updates on the Festival, visit: www.facebook.com/isancreativefestival

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