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Two localized trainings on integrated pest management and safe agrichemical use were conducted on September 20 in Tien Giang Province, Vietnam. Spearheaded by local IPM experts from the Southern Horticultural Research Institute, 30 durian farmers in Cai Lay District and 30 dragon fruit farmers from Cho Gao District participated in the short courses.   

Mr. Huynh Thanh Loc, Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Thoa, and Ms. Dang Thuy Linh—all of whom participated in MI’s safe food courses this year—designed and organized the training programs to assist in building local farmers’ knowledge on sustainably managing pests in their farms.

Participants were introduced on how to reduce the effects caused by pests on their fruit farms, especially on food quality and safety. The MI-trained experts also talked about how to properly identify possible pests and diseases especially for durian and dragon fruit. The SOFRI trainers also gave practical recommendations in selecting the appropriate measures to control the pest, including choosing the right chemical inputs. The training emphasized on the Four Rs of safe agrichemical use: right chemical, right amount, right time, and right method. Moreover, the farmers were also guided on how to properly store chemicals, treat chemical wastes, and protect themselves when they directly use chemicals.

These localized trainings were supported by the New Zealand Aid Programme under the PROSAFE Project. Aside from developing and organizing safe food courses, a major component of the Project is providing technical support to participants, especially on activities that would illustrate how they apply the knowledge and skills gained in the courses in their own respective works.  

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