Mekong Institute, Khon Kaen Chamber of Commerce, and the Federation of Thai Industries, Khon Kaen Chapter will hold a joint web forum to help spur local economies in Khon Kaen Province against a COVID-19 environment.  

Under the theme “Navigating New Norms: Revitalizing Economic Engines Amidst COVID-19,” the virtual forum will feature Dr. Narongchai Akrasanee as keynote speaker, as well as convene government officials, policy experts, and business leaders who will present ways forward in restoring the industrial supply chain, opening opportunities for high-technology industries, and introducing innovative agricultural value chains and products in Khon Kaen Province.

“We hope this platform will contribute to broad-based participatory action,” said Dr. Watcharas Leelawath, Executive Director of Mekong Institute. “By combining our expertise, technologies and resources, we can build back better a stronger and more resilient Khon Kaen and region.”

The three-hour session will present approaches towards pandemic-resilient agri-tech value chains, assessments of investors’ needs in high-technology industries, and recommendations in reshaping manufacturing supply chains to align with the province’s strategic stimulus measures for lucrative economic outlooks.

Mr. Kamolpong Sanguantrakul, Chairman of the Khon Kaen Chamber of Commerce, explained that other than the need for economic packages, speakers in the forum will underscore technological opportunities to diversify local economies. “We must make best use of available digital technologies. By leveraging digital tools, being innovative with our manufacturing and production strategies, and creating new value for customers, Khon Kaen can thrive and be competitive in the regional market.”

An estimated 150 people from the Greater Mekong Subregion will view the web forum, including high-level representatives from the governments of the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Korea, as well as officials from Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency, Panasonic, Mitrphol, and Thai Beverage Logistics Company to explore areas of economic convergence.

Mr. Songsak Thongthai, Chairman of the Federation of Thai Industries, Khon Kaen Chapter, also highlighted the need to support small- and medium-sized enterprises who are the backbone of Thailand’s economy and a primary source of employment. “The web forum is also an opportunity for us to discuss viable steps to protect local agricultural businesses by helping them secure financial liquidity and adapt to structural reforms.”

“Overall, the web forum caters to the priorities of business groups in the industrial, manufacturing, and agricultural markets,” Dr. Watcharas said in closing. He added that the documented discussions and technical recommendations from the event can contribute to the provincial government’s cohesive efforts towards the economic stabilization of Khon Kaen.

The 2020 Khon Kaen Web Forum will be live streamed on FaceBook at /mekonginstitute.org, /kkchamber, and /kkfti on July 21, 2020 from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm (UTC+7 time). For more information, please visit www.mekonginstitute.org and www.facebook.com/mekonginstitute.org 

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