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Under the project of Sustainable and Smart Tourism Development in Mekong Region funded by Mekong-Republic of Korea Cooperation Fund (MKCF), a total group of 42 participants joined an online training and mentoring program on Mekong-Korea Smart Sustainable Tourism and Business Outreach from November 11 to 16, 2021. This is the 2nd batch of the training series which the 1st batch was conducted on July-August 2021.

Early career professionals and final year students ranging from Tourism, Marketing, International Trade, Economics to English, and Content Creator had shown their interests by joining the training program. During the five days training, the participants were exposed to a variety of topics that were distinguished from one another in each day.

On the first day, it focused on the matter of Digital Marketing, whereas in following day, the topics touched upon on Korean Language, Culture and Practical Skills to Live in Korea and on the third day of the training program, the subject of Korean Culture was being dig into a deeper sense with the implications of media platforms and media trends. The other two days of the training program emphasized into the issues of Sustainable Smart Tourism, and Korean Merchandising and Commerce aiming to foster and deepen the participants knowledge on Smart Tourism and Business Outreach.  

Mr. Robby Rosandi, the project manager on behalf of the Mekong Institute in his opening remark mentioned the importance of increasing the travel and tourism competitiveness in the Mekong region through smart tourism/ICT adoption and preparing the region for travel bubble as some countries lose their border provisions for vaccinated travelers.

Admired resource persons included Mr. Daehoon Moon, Gaonsoft Co. Ltd., Mr. OH Sinan, Global Business Alliance, Mr. Euncheon GO, SBC Gwanju (KBC) Announcer, Mrs. Song KeeHyun, Seoul Theological University-Department of Tourism Management, Mr. Inseong HWANG, Yohap News TV anchor, Mr. Dongjae OH, TBN Announcer, Mr. Sun Woo KIM, Korea Top Brand “Showhost”, Mr. Kyoungsu Min, Shinsegae Shopping, Mr. CHANG, Ji-Soon, Sangmyung University, Mrs. Catherine GERMER-HAMEL, CEO of Destination Mekong, Mr. Hussein Elbanna, founder and CEO of Arabko Korea, Mr. Tom Park, Korea Tourism College, Mr. Park Sang Won, College of Hotel & Tourism Management/Smart Tourism Research Center, Kyung Hee University, and Mr. Sung Kook, Korean Language Education Institute. The training sessions were moderated by Ms. Daisy Park, the ROK Project Team Leader and Trade and Investment Facilitation Team of Mekong Institute.

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