The Mekong Institute application to join the Asia-Pacific Research and Training Network on Trade (ARTNeT) has been formally accepted by ARTNeTs Secretariat. 

MI now officially becomes an associate-partner of the prestigious network which includes over 30 influential INGO, NGO and academic institutions. 

The network is an initiative of UNESCAP which also functions as its secretariat and includes IDRC Canada, UNDP, UNCTAD and WTO among its core partners. 
Established in 2004, ARTNeT focuses on increasing the scope and quality of current research into trade-related issues across the wider Asia-Pacific region in order to strengthen relevant policy-making institutions. 

ARTNeT harnesses the existing research capacities of partner institutions, which it aims to increase through regional team research projects, enhanced research dissemination mechanisms, increased interactions between policy makers and researchers, and specific capacity building activities catering to researchers and research institutions. 

MIs Trade and Facilitation Department will benefit greatly from the partnership granting it greater exposure and connections with other influential partners on common themes such as trade facilitation, trade investment, SME development and regional integration. 

As an associate partner, MI will become more involved in trade and investment-related seminars, conferences and other regional and international forums. 

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