The MI Alumni Writing Content offers a chance for MI alumni to write an essay of between 1,000-1500 words describing the impact of their MI experience on their life and work. 

The piece should reflect past participants experience at MI, emphasizing how the knowledge/ skills/networks learned and established here have been applied in the workplace, and the concrete results (if any) that have been achieved as a result. 

Successful entries will provide specific details/examples of how the lessons learned at an MI training course/program have been applied in the workplace and/or how this experience altered their understandings or perception on a specific issue. 

The competition aims to provide MI staff with a better understanding of how MI training activities are being utilized by participants’ in their everyday lives. 

All MI alumni/ past participants who have completed an MI learning program/training course (at the time of submission) are eligible to enter the competition. Applicants are highly encouraged to submit photos and/or videos accompanying the article which support the written piece – so be creative! 

The top 3 pieces will receive cash prizes and will be shared/used in various MI media campaigns. 


Winner = 30,000 Baht1st Runner up = 20,000 Baht2nd Runner up = 10,000 Baht 


Entries can be a maximum of 1,500 words in and will describe, ‘The Impact of my MI Experience.’ All entries must be submitted electronically (as an attachment) to [email protected]. Entries must include ‘MI Writing Contest’ in the subject line. In the email message include your full name, address, telephone number and the name and year of the MI training course/program you attended (i.e. Rural Development, 2008). Be sure to title your piece (i.e. ‘the changing face of Lao PDR in the new economic environment’);Entries must be attached to the email as either a MS Word or PDF document, using Times New Roman font, 12-point typeface, double-spaced text;Submissions must be received by 5 pm (Thailand local time), Jul 20, 2013. No entries will be accepted after this time;Submission must be an original piece written by the contestants and relate to one of MI’s three thematic areas: 1) Trade and Investment Facilitation; 2) Rural Development and Livelihoods; and, 3) Human Migration and Care;All MI alumni and past participants who have completed a MI learning program/training course (at the time of submission) are eligible to enter;Contestants can submit a piece individually or as part of a team (formed and arranged by contestants). If submitting as a team, all members of the team must have participated in the same MI training program/course.Applicants may submit photos and/or videos to support the main points of the written piece. To submit a video as part of the entry, upload the video to an online share site such as YouTube or other publicly accessible internet-based drop-box. Be sure to include a link to your video/other media in your submission. Videos cannot be longer than 5 minutes in length. 


The submission could describe the way in which your MI experience and the knowledge/skills/networks gained from it have been utilized in your workplace. Possible guiding questions/ idea-generators might include:The impact of MI’s training programs/courses on your life/work?How have the knowledge/skills/networks learned and established during your MI program been applied to your work?Did the experience change your previous understandings/attitudes towards certain issues?Did your MI experience result in any specific outputs (i.e. promotion activities, certificates, research funding, proposals etc.)? If so, what have been the follow-on effects of these outputs?What changes, challenges and obstacles encountered at MI and in the workplace (if any), and how these were overcome? 

These are just some ideas, feel free to be creative! 


By entering, contestants agree that the submission (including all accompanying media) may be used by MI for promotional purposes in any publication, electronic media or printed material, including websites, online galleries, publications, calendars, yearbooks, catalogues, program books, trade shows, exhibition visuals and marketing materials without further permission or remuneration. 

MI retains the right to use the pieces for any such purpose any time after submission in the writing competition. MI staff may edit entries prior to publishing. In such case, however, the revised article shall be sent back to contestants for approval prior to publishing. 

All decisions regarding contest winners/placement are final and are not reviewable under any circumstances. 


Prizes will be announced on Thursday 15 August, 2013 via MI’s Facebook page, the MI website and it alumni database network. The writing competition winner will also be notified by e-mail. 

For additional information, email: [email protected] with ‘MI Writing Contest’ in the subject line.

Download brochure>> 

We hope to hear from you soon!!!

For more details, contact:

For additional information,
email: [email protected] with ‘MI Writing Contest’ in the subject line.

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