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Mekong Institute (MI), International Institute for Trade and Development (ITD) and Fiscal Policy Research Institute Foundation (FPRI) of Thailand, jointly organized the focus group discussion on “Financial Role in Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals in Lao PDR” March 15 – 16, 2017 in Vientiane, Lao PDR. The focus group aimed to present and verify the study on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) highlighting on five main goals of development including People, Planet, Peace, Prosperity and Partnership through sharing experiences and gathering comments and recommendations on the measures to efficiently facilitate sustainable financing development for Lao PDR and ASEAN as a whole. 

A total of thirty-one participants joined the meeting. The representatives were from Government Agencies, namely Departments of Economic Affairs, Fiscal Policy, International Cooperation, SME Promotion, Lao Securities Commission Office, Securities and Exchange Commission Office and Bank of Lao PDR. Also present were International Organizations including the International Finance Corporation, GIZ, Lao-India Entrepreneurship Development Center; and Private Sectors comprising of LNCCI, Banking Institute, Lao Development Bank, Lao Microfinance Association, Phongsavanh Bank, and ACLEDA Bank. 

The discussion format covered: 

i.) Keynote address on financing sustainable development in Lao PDR on the roles and challenges of financial sector in facilitating the implementation of SDGs 

ii.) Financing role and resource allocation for sustainable development study to accomplish all the targeted of SDGs by the year 2030 

iii.) Brainstorm session on strategy and challenges of appropriate policies from government entities, including, Official Development Assistance (ODA), mandatory regulations, incentives, voluntary measures, financial landscape development, financial institution alternatives and citizens’ advocacy and campaign. 

To gather in-depth information and more understanding on facilitating sustainable financing development for Lao PDR, Dr. Watcharas Leelawath, Executive Director of MI, Dr. Anantachoke Osangthammanont, Team Manager of FPRI, and Dr. Piyaporn Aeimtitiwat, Deputy Executive Director of ITD, together with organizing team conducted one-on-one interview with senior executives of Fiscal Policy Department, International Cooperation Department of Ministry of Finance, Lao Securities Commission Office and Bank of Lao PDR.

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