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May 10, 2024 – Mekong Institute (MI) has launched the ‘What’s SUP’ campaign to reduce single-use plastics (SUP) in Khon Kaen’s street food complexes. Supported by the Norwegian Retailers’ Environmental Fund (NREF) and the Environmental  Coalition on Standards (ECOS), the campaign aims to reduce SUP reliance in street food markets by adopting sustainable alternatives and promoting eco-friendly practices. It seeks to enhance environmental sustainability and reduce the ecological footprint of night market operations in Khon Kaen.

The campaign kicked-off with Green Market Nights on May 9 and 10 at Mor Din Daeng and Ton Tann markets, respectively. In collaboration with the market management and Khon Kaen’s local government, these events featured interactive activities aiming to introduce real and practical solutions to SUP reduction and instill environmental sustainability awareness for both market vendors and visitors. 

As partners in the campaign, some market vendors offered cash discounts to customers using their reusable food and drink containers and displayed campaign signage in their stalls. Marketgoers participated in a quiz on the importance of bringing their own containers while spotlighting eco-conscious alternatives. Quiz winners received reusable cup bags to decorate by painting their own designs, as well as vouchers for use with ‘What’s SUP’ partner vendors. Additional activities included a social media challenge where netizens share their anti-SUP posts and a flash mob drama by local performers depicting the negative effects of plastic pollution on the environment and marine life. 

The ‘What’s SUP’ campaign emphasizes the importance of community engagement in reducing plastic pollution. It invites individuals, businesses, organizations, and local governments to join the pursuit of a greener environment.

Transitioning away from SUPs and adopting eco-friendly alternatives benefits street food vendors in enhancing their business practices. Moreover, this shift holds broader positive implications, impacting both the environment and the lives of their customers. By embracing reusable alternatives, vendors offer consumers a triple win: cost savings, improved health protection, and environmental preservation.

Implementing an anti-SUP campaign aligns perfectly with the objectives of Khon Kaen’s local government. This initiative also safeguards public health and ensures compliance with national regulations. 

The ‘What’s SUP’ campaign is part of the “Upstream Single-use Plastics Reduction Solutions for Khon Kaen’s Street Food Complexes” project, a collaborative initiative by MI, NREF, and ECOS. 

For more information, visit the campaign’s official Facebook page at

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