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Water resource stakeholders from the government, research organization and other concerned agencies from P.R. China, Lao PDR and Thailand are meeting today, November 30, 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand for an inception workshop of Mekong Institute’s (MI) project on Transboundary Cooperation Mechanism on Adaptation to Climate Change and Hydropower Development Projects. The workshop lays the groundwork for the implementation of the landmark water project being implemented by MI in collaboration with the Thai Department of Water Resources (DWR), Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, and supported by the Lancang-Mekong Cooperation Special Fund.  

The inception workshop is presenting the project’s objectives, expected outcomes and implementation strategy to members of the Joint Working Group on Water Resources of the Lancang-Mekong Cooperation from the three countries, with the ultimate objective of soliciting their commitment to the one-year initiative. The workshop also sets out to identify initial target stakeholders to be consulted for data collection on information sharing mechanisms in the three countries.

The LMC Special Fund-supported project aims to broaden communication and knowledge exchange among experts and key stakeholders on how to better manage water level fluctuations of the Lancang-Mekong River.

MI Executive Director Dr. Wat charas Leelawath explains, “Mekong Institute as implementing agency of the project is working with experts from Thailand and other Mekong countries…so we can also create a better understanding of how climate change affects water resources in the region, but more importantly, how hydropower management plays a role in climate change adaptation and mitigation.”

Mr. Suchart Sirijungsakul, Acting Director of the Bureau of International River Basin Management, DWR, also remarked that the project is “relevant to all countries and complementary to ongoing efforts.” The Inception meeting is the first step to moving forward with the activities of the project.

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