The Young GMS Professional Program (YGMS) program is a six-month structured learning program based at MI headquarter in Khon Kaen, Thailand, which is opened to GMS young professionals interesting in and involving with regional development. The program emphasizes the development of the region’s human resources in both the private and public sectors. 

A series of professional trainings, on the job training as well as learning projects have been equipped and assigned to the 9 YGMS from five countries of Cambodia, China, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. In addition to the learning projects and on-going assignments, the 9 YGMS were assigned to conduct desk research on the given topics on regional cooperation with specific themes of focus as follow: 

Thai Official Development Assistance (ODA) for neighboring countriesGMS Environmental Operation Center: Trans-boundary Environmental Issues and CooperationMekong – Republic of Korea o (ROK) Cooperation Mekong – Japan Cooperation 3 S (Se Kong, Se San and Sre Prok) Development Triangle: Development Triangle Program between Vietnam, Lao and CambodiaGMS Economic Cooperation ProgramUSAID Lower Mekong InitiativesASEAN Social and Cultural Economic Community (ASCC): Role of Civil Society in ASCCLancang – Mekong Navigation Cooperation: Upper Mekong Navigation Agreement, Issues and Challenges 

On December 2, 2013, all 9 YGMS presented their research results at the MI learning center, and managers of different departments provided feedback on both their research results and presentation skiils.

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