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1. Responsible Agency: Group 3, Khon Kaen University, Faculties of Education and Agriculture, Khon Kaen Province

2. Project Name: Improvement of People’s Attitute towards Environmental Conservation in Khon Kaen Province

3. Background and Rationale (why do you need to do the project):

Over-harvesting and high investment result in environmental problems in Khon Kaen nowadays. A variety of pollutions emerged is not far different from any other urbanized places.

The misuse of natural resources is still widespread. No matter what type of environmental problem is, people activities are becoming a crucial cause. This has ligtened the issue of building public awareness of Khon Kaen people as the target area for this project. Project findings introduced from the case would be also taken into consideration for future deveopment programme of Khon Kaen Province. Furthermore, Khon Kaen University can accept the Curriculums–as the main outputs of this project-and apply in the university schedule. Once the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Agriculture of Khon Kaen University already approved the application of the curriculum, we need certain financial aid form the Provincial Government of Khon Kaen Province to support the project. In this case, financial assistance is required for organization the 2 basis schemes. Firstly, we need an office that could maintain the project organization and materials. The function of this office would guarantee the neccessary need of the project. Secondly, at the same time we need financial support to pay the salary for team memebers.


To improve people’s attitute towards environmental conservation in Khon Kaen Province:


(1) 6 curriculums in response to the 6-major problems of environmental concerns

(2) 4 types of media advertisement concerning environmenntal campaign through Video/TV/radio/newspaper/poster


This project duration covers 1 year (2004-2005). In order to achieve the objective of this project, 3 strategies will be established. Strategy 1: Give knowledge to students through–(1) creating environmental curriculums which are made up of 6 curriculums–land,water,forest,air,city and culture/attitute and (2) giving lecture by hiring lectures and visiting sites. Strategy 2: Promote environmental awareness campaign to general people by carrying out two majors tasks. Those are–(1) making Video and (2) making advertisement through all kinds of media. Strategy 3: Establish project office as the office as the office center and running for project organization as well as project facilitator through the whole processes.

6. Linkage to other Activities and Projects:

The two-Faculties will apply the 6 curriculums and incorporate the subject into all department of Khon Kaen University. They wil also assist and give suggestion to all universities of Thailand to have a tentative action to the curriculums.

7. Participatory Development Issues:

(1) Let the students of KKUtake part in the process of creating and try to adopt the suggestions coming from the students

(2) Let the officers of related governemental departments take part in the lectures and field visiting organized by the project

(3) Let the media agency and other agencies take part in the whole processes of the project.

8. Sustainable and Structural Poverty Reduction Impact:

(1) Successful project will make the people establish strong awareness on environmental conservation. This is the most important aspect

(2) Although we can’t get the direct befits from the project which take long-term meaning. People will pay more attention to protect the environment, change the style of development and keep sustainable development from the bottom of their hearts

(3) Successful curriculums will be published and get the benifits to maintain the project Development of te questionnaires could ensure the improvement scale of people’s awareness

9. Implementation Arrangements:

The Faculty of Education in Khon Kaen Province, as the represent of government, will monitor and evaluate the project Media agency (one contractor) provides the services to the project KKU, as the co-operator of the project, will take an active action to carry out the curriculums

10. Cost Estimates and Financing:

The donor of the project is the Provincial Government of Khon Kaen Provincial, the total budget is US$ 191,374.

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