Written by Mekong Institute

The Mekong Institute organized a one-week training course on “Facilitation as Core Competency” from 22-26 April 2013 at MI’s training center in Khon Kaen, Thailand. There are 31 participants from Mekong Institute and 1 participant from Hess Thailand Limited. This practical training emphasized on advanced facilitation skills including a) Designing and delivering “capacity development” program b) “working with and through partners” and c) Facilitate learning session.   

The training course covered 6 modules: (i) Working with and through partners (ii) Capacity Development Needs Assessment of Project Partners; (iii) Integration of Capacity Development Needs Assessment (CDNA) Plan (iv) Designing Capacity Development Interventions and (v) Effective Presentation Skills and (VI) Integration of Capacity Development Approaches.

The Six Modules were designed and delivered by using participatory approached where participants went through three progressive stages of 1- “Learn to do”, the participants were provided knowledge on basic concepts and tools to be employed; 2- “`Do to learn”, participants apply newly –acquired knowledge and skill in their work assignment with proper guidance from facilitator; and 3- “Share to Learn”, participants got opportunities to present their group work and share their experiences to co-participants and facilitators. In addition, the participants were given the opportunity to appreciate the acquired knowledge and skills in a real-life situation which considered strategic management as key to their success.

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