Written by Mekong Institute

In WEnt and Mekong Institute join their respective experiences in the Mekong region, in particular in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand, and Vietnam in an effort to promote capacity building in Integrated Rural Development through innovative Regional Management Programme. The ultimate aim of this cooperation is to enhance capacity of local government officials, members of local business associations, NGOs and people organizations in designing, implementing and monitoring local economc development in their region.   

The Mekong Institute is an intergovernmenal organization institute chartered to provide capacity building activities for governemnt officials, members of private enterprises and civil society involved in the development of the Mekong Countries. MI works closely with the governments of the Mekong countires in designing and delivering high quality and relevant human resource development programs indentifies by the stakeholders. The mandate of the MI includes serving Mekong Region focused HRD needsm promoting regional cooperation, networking, and partnerships.

InWEnt- Capacity Building International, Germany, is a non-profit organization with worldwide operatons dedicated to human resource development, advanced training, and dialogue.Our capacity building programmes are directed at experts and executives from politics, administraton, the business community, and civil society. We are commissioned by the German Federal government to assist with the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals of the UN. In addition, we provide the German business sector wth support for public private partnership projects. Through exchange programmes, InWEnt also offers young people from Germany the opportunity to gain professional experience abroad.

This training-of-trainers course was designed and delivered as one of the REgional management Training module for “Trainers” of Regional Management Programme in Cambodia and Lao PDR. Twenty eight trainers of six InWEnt local partners and MI participated in the training programme held at the MI Residential Training Center, Khon Kaen Thailand on 21-25 June 2010. Dr. Blesilda Calub of the University of the Philippines, Lospanos, Mr. Jurgen Lehmann of Trainingtool, Germany, and Dr. Suchat Katima of MI co-facilitated the training course.

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