The Chinese Delegation with the MI staff at the Mekong Institute Residential Training Center, Khon Kaen Thailand, on Nov. 24, 2011.

On a research visit on the Development of Mekong Institute Direction, 8 Chinese Officials have come to study MIs strategic direction, visiting Cambodia, Thailand and Laos on November 20-28, 2011. 

The research visit passed through Phom Penh, Cambodia; Bangkok, Thailand, and Vientiane, Lao PDR, meeting the Council and Steering Committee members in each of these respective countries. 

Also, they passed by Khon Kaen, Thailand to visit MIs headquarters and training facility, and got briefed on our current programs in Trade and in Rural Development. A background on the GMS Economic Program was also given. 

Mr. Diao Mingsheng, Permanent Representative of China to ESCAP, and also the head of the delegation, said that the important matters to be discussed are (1) how to improve the cooperation in the region, (2) how to improve the capacity building of MI, (3) how to improve social and economic development in the region, and (4) how to improve the quality of the secretariat. 

The research visit has enabled MI to identify the key partnerships it can have with China, as one of the stakeholders of the institute, especially in terms of their expertise on renewable energy, farming and many other areas tackled by MI. It has also strengthened the support from China as the concerned officials now understand MI better, and know where it is heading. 

The esteemed officials that took part in this research study are as follow: 

Head of Delegation: 

1. Mr. DIAO Mingsheng
Permanent Representative of China to ESCAP 


2. Mr. YANG Shichao 
Deputy Director
Department of International Organizations and Conferences
Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

3. Ms. ZHI Luying 
Third Secretary
Department of International Organizations and Conferences
Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

4. Mr. QIN Wangyu 
Department of New Energy and Renewable Energy
National Energy Administration 

5. Ms. WANG Rongfang 
Department of International Cooperation
Ministry of Science and Technology 

6. Ms. SHAN Jie 
Ecosystem Study Commission for International Rivers 

7. Mr. ZHANG Jiapeng 
Foreign Affairs Office of Yunnan Province 

8. Ms. LIU Ling 
Deputy County Mayor
Hubei Province

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