The Closing Ceremony for the Business Leadership for Competitive Enterprise course was held on May 22, 2009. The participants coming from five GMS countries and the Philippines as well as the course sponsor, Mr. John Barker Managing Director of Barker Metrology Consultants and Metrology Consultant for the Mekong Metrology Capacity Building Project rated the course to be a success as ample information was provided and MI staff was able to deliver all the details needed for the course. 

The participants and the course sponsor expressed the wish for the program to have been extended for a few more weeks as they truly enjoyed interacting with each other. Since the Mekong Institute was located within the Khon Kaen University campus, it provided a great learning environment. They truly enjoyed their exchanges in and out of the classroom as these promoted communication, cooperation and trust among professionals in the GMS. 

In the last week of the training they learned about business proposal development using the Logframe method. They also had the opportunity of having a team of experts appraise their proposals. The immediate feedback they received on these was highly appreciated and gave them the opportunity to improve these into the authentic proposals they were to formulate upon their return to their own countries. After the program had finished, the participants celebrated the end of the course with a congratulatory dinner after which they gave their final farewells to the MI staff and returned to their home countries. MI received a 95% overall satisfaction rating in the final evaluation of the course. 

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