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Advancing Border Trade Facilitation
The Project is designed to support policy and structural reforms that promote cross-border trade, emphasizing the formulation of policies and strategies that will improve the key elements of cross-border trade, as well as enhance appreciation, knowledge and skills in managing trade activities, and travel flows and security compliance.




  1. Promote trade along border trade zones that link Lancang-Mekong countries;
  2. Facilitation cross-border trade by increasing the capacity for commerce and reducing the costs faced by traders within the Lancang-Mekong region; and
  3. Enhance connectivity and improve competitiveness across international borders by improvements in infrastructure focused on facilitating cross-border trade and investment.
The Project focuses on the following components/activities:
  • Improvement of infrastructures and regulations for cross-border SEZs particularly the establishment of joint-one-stop service centers and integrated quarantine service centers 
  • Enhancement of business connection and information sharing through one-stop service centers and business centers between SEZs in the Lancang-Mekong region 
  • Formulation of policy suggestions and strategies for better management and promotion of SEZs 
  • Improvement of core trade infrastructure and facilities in the border areas 
  • Capacity building on information, communication and technology (ICT) skills to facilitate cross-border trade in goods and services


  • National Ministry of Industry/Commerce
  •  National Business Chambers
  • SME associations
  • Logistics operators and service providers


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