To help Mekong Institute raise awareness of how the training courses can be beneficial to its alumni, it launched the Alumni Writing Contest to provide MI’s valued alumni an opportunity to share their results/outcomes of their training courses in their work and everyday lives. 

MI invited its alumni to write an essay in a category of which they participated in whether it be training, Structured Learning Visits, workshops, etc. A number of essays have been submitted with some visuals and supporting documents. 

The judges comprising of Mekong Institute experts and specialists reviewed the essays and made a decision based on the agreed criteria. They unanimously agreed upon six entries. Below are the link of the six winners essays. 

Ms. Zha Wenhong

Mr. Zhang Xianghong

Mr. Danladi Hassan Kobi

Ms. ReenaMr. Pheng Sambo

Mr. Penh Socheat

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