MI Teams Up with Khon Kaen Local Government to Launch a Single-Use Plastic Reduction Campaign in Night Markets

Agricultural Development and Commercialization

In a collective move to tackle the environmental impacts of plastic waste, Mekong Institute (MI) collaborated with local government authorities in Khon Kaen to initiate the ‘What’s SUP’ campaign, targeting the reduction of single-use plastics (SUP) in night markets. On April 5, 2024, MI hosted a pre-launch meeting to strengthen the partnership for the single-use plastic reduction initiative.

The campaign draws on the strengths and insights of various stakeholders, including the Khon Kaen Municipality Office, the Health and Environment Promotion Division, the Provincial Office of Natural Resources and Environment, and the management teams of local markets. Their united front underscores a shared commitment to environmental sustainability and public health.

Highlighting the importance of the campaign, Deputy Mayor Mr. Boonyalit Phanichrungruong pointed out the urgent need for solid waste management solutions in Khon Kaen, which faces the challenge of managing approximately 150 tons of waste daily. He expressed his appreciation for the ‘What’s SUP’ campaign as a significant step towards mitigating this issue and expressed optimism for its potential to expand across the province.

During the pre-launch meeting, Ms. Jutamas Thongcharoen, Program Manager at MI’s Agricultural Development and Commercialization Department, emphasized the partnership of MI and Khon Kaen’s local government as a vital part of the campaign. Aside from the collaboration, she added that by promoting sustainable alternatives, the campaign is advocating for a greener today and securing a healthier tomorrow for our community.

Central to the campaign’s strategy is promoting sustainable practices and materials within the bustling hubs of Ton Tann and Mor Din Daeng night markets. Through bilateral meetings, community outreach, and educational initiatives, the project aims to foster a culture of environmental responsibility among vendors and patrons alike.

As Khon Kaen embarks on this journey, the ‘What’s SUP’ campaign stands as a testament to the power of collaborative efforts in addressing environmental challenges. It aligns with the province’s broader goals of promoting sustainability, protecting public health, and engaging the community in meaningful action for a better future.

The ‘What’s SUP’ campaign is part of MI’s broader environmental project titled “Upstream Single-use Plastics Reduction Solutions for Khon Kaen’s Street Food Complexes. ” The said project is supported by the Environmental Coalition on Standards (ECOS) and funded by the Norwegian Retailers’ Environmental Fund (NREF).

To learn more about the campaign, visit its official Facebook page at facebook.com/WhatsSUPKKC.

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