A total of 37 MI staff attended a 2022 Staff Retreat in Phuket, Thailand, from October 23 – 26. The objectives were for the staff to learn about the MI 2023 workplan, enhance team spirit and communication, celebrate successes and strengthen identity, and restore energy. This activity is the first to be organised in three years due to Covid-19 pandemic. 

The official programme started on October 24, when Mr. Suriyan Vichitletkarn, MI’s Executive Director, presented an overview of what 2023 would bring and where MI would be heading. This was followed by a reflection exercise during which individual staff reflected upon the year 2022 and shared their achievements, be their personal or as a team, and their learning. This was followed by team building activities and interactions.

The afternoon programme was given over to sightseeing in the city of Phuket and to use the opportunity to learn more about the history and the townspeople through a gallery visit, a cooking class and meeting with a Guzheng musician for live music in the garden.

The next day was devoted to outdoor activities and ended with a party on the theme of the letter “M” where staff came up with creative costumes to much of the colleagues’ surprise and had a chance to win home some prizes. Group performances and a karaoke session capped off the night.

Many staff agreed that the change of scenery and the variety of activities made the retreat a success.

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